The Harmony Grid was received and anchored by Kathryn Lustig Mongillo in 2011. It is part of a 20 year body of  work with husband and wife team Kathryn and Albert Mongillo. For more information and to learn how to work with the Harmony Grid please visit,, or We offer private sessions, courses and vibrational tools to assist others in working with this grid of transformation. At various times our sites are down for construction or updates. If you are unable to reach us through the above web addresses feel free to contact Kathryn at

Love and Light, Albert and Kathryn

If you have found the geometry image in a search engine from Albert’s In Harmony CD, we ask that you please not copy it or post it on your sites or social  media. It is Copywritten and is to remain connected to our body of work so that we are able to share it’s blessings directly as intended. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.