Albert Mongillo graduated with honors from Fredonia University
  in 1986, earning a B.A. in Music Performance for Classical Guitar.
  His twenty year music performance career began as a classical
  guitarist giving solo recitals and live cabaret shows.
  He then transitioned into the rock arena and performed
  and recorded with several original bands, including NYC’s Rip Chord,
  in addition to doing studio work for several other recording artists.
  Albert has also been teaching private guitar, bass, drum and
  songwriting lessons for over thirty years sharing his love of
  music with students of all ages.

  Recently Albert decided to turn his attention from performing to recording
  as part of his awakening process. He created a home seaside studio in
  Highlands, NJ where he writes music in a diverse range of styles.
  While writing music for film and the healing arts he realizied his
  ability to channel music in co-creation with spirit with frequency
  information for vibrational healing. Albert is an incarnated
  Indigo Angelic human who, as part of a multi-dimentional team, is
  gifted with bringing vibrational support tools to Earth to assist
  with the evolutionary process of ascension.